The Pipeline

The Pipeline printed it's last print copy in December of 2016, moving forward the magazine will be a digital copy. Notification of the Pipeline will be send out via email to all SWWA members. The SWWA is currently developing an app for the magazine to be viewed on Android and Apple devices and it will also be availabel for viewing on the website.

If you do have an email address, we will not be able to send you out notification of the newest edition being available.

The Pipeline Magazine includes all the latest information on workshops and events along with relevant information for those involved in the water Industry.

Interested in submitting an article for the Pipeline? Contact the SWWA office at

2016 SWWA Pipeline Magazine
April 2016 - download
August 2016 - download
December 2016 - download
PIpeline Submission Deadlines:
Spring Edition - March 15, 2017

Advertising Rates: Due to moving to a digital copy advertisign rates will be changing, please contact the office for more information. Rates will be posted for February 1, 2017.