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Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be offering certification exam writing on October 23, 2020 at Regina and Saskatoon Campuses at 9am and 1pm both locations. Please check their website for more information.

Polytechnic Certification Exams

PIpeline Editor Blog - April 2020

What do you call a dinosaur that snores? A dinosnourous!

Sometimes we just need a really good laugh, or in this case a dad joke that we all read in our best Tim Cox imitation to brighten our day.

COVID19 has definitely thrown cold water on the plans we had for this year as we celebrate 40 years. All of our spring workshops have been cancelled and most of us are working on plans with how to ensure the safety of our people as we navigate this pandemic.

The thing is how do you prepare for an event like this and on a scale like this. You don’t really. The thing I like and respect the most about all of you is that you roll with the punches. In case no one has told you lately you are doing a phenomenal job!!

With most people at home we are facing new challenges that while they may have shown at other times are really showing up now. What Not to Flush Down the Toilet is a document that is getting billboard time, slid under apartment doors, put in mailboxes and basically a huge campaign needing to be run because there are those who just cannot seem to understand or get the picture. It really makes you want to ask the question, ARE YOU STUPID!! Although I am pretty sure that is not the right lingo to use, I think it would get the point across a lot faster. I am fairly sure that doctors and nurses are thinking the same thing about people keeping their social distance from others as requested by our government numerous times.

Given the opportunity, I could rant about the lack of toilet paper everywhere which when COSTCO has none you know there is a problem out there.

As an Executive Board we are looking into options should the situation continue to worsen and also at the possibility of what things may need to look like when things get back to normal since we aren’t sure how normal things will be at that time.

Keep checking the SWWA website, Calle is working to make sure that once she has information about things from free webinars to various groups to get your online training from during this time, to the latest update from the government and the SWWA Board. It can all be found under NEWS on the website.

As always stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling and know YOU are all HEROES to your communities. I hope to see you all sooner than later.

Kelly Kish

SWWA Pipeline Editor