Careers In the Water Industry

The SWWA is committed to encouraging those interested in a career in the water industry whether students looking for a career, those looking to start a new one, or those currently in the industry on the value of working in water.

Water and wastewater careers offer the possibility of long-term stable options for people who want to make an impact on the health and environment of their community. These careers offer choice, challenge, balance and flexibility. Most of these occupations are regulated through provincial certification.

Some questions to ask yourself to see if you the industry might be a fit:

  • Do you enjoy working with technology
  • Do you enjoy working inside and outside doing applied work
  • Do you enjoy earning while learning
  • Do you enjoy working with others in a team work environment
  • Do you enjoy stability and the knowledge their skills are in demand
  • Do you enjoy tangible, concrete task outcomes of work
  • Are you an attentive, creative problem-solver
  • Are you diligent and consistent
  • Are you committed to continuous learning
  • Do you derive satisfaction from knowing you are providing a valuable serviceĀ 

Water & Wastewater Career Brochure