Please check the training course listing for the current training options.

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Please note: If you are registering someone for a course you will need their member ID and last name.

ADMINS: if you will be registering multiple people for workshops & maintaining their memberships the member needs to have their own email, the billing email can be the employer email. 

  • You will need the Member ID and Last name of the individual 
  • If a renewal of the membership is required you will need the member to login to renew the membership
  • If registering a new member - a registration can be purchased at the same time for workshop, webinar or conference and the system will discount the price - if you get to checkout and it is not discounting you may need to do the steps separately some firewalls prevent the system from offering this.

*Memberships are not transferrable and all member emails need to be an email for them. All links for workshops, webinars, conference, and other information is sent to the member so that they can be actively in the know on what is happening with their membership, registrations, and member association.

THE BILLING EMAIL - should be the email the receipt should be sent to

Suppliers wanting to participate in a workshop will need to contact the SWWA office if the workshop is being put on by another supplier. The SWWA policy is we do not allow suppliers to attend other suppliers workshops, sessions, etc.

Supplier memberships are in the name of the supplier and must be purchased and renewed yearly if wanting to attend events other than the SWWA Annual Trade Show. Suppliers do not require a membership to purchase a booth for the annual show.