Pumps/Hydraulics Webinar


0.3 CEUs


Day 1

On the first day of training we will be focused on pump types and how they are used in applications. 11-12:30 Nov. 18

- Centrifugal pump basics and examples

- Positive Displacement pump basics and examples

- Strengths and limitations of both pump types

- Specialized pumps in Municipal applications (Solids handling, Metering/Dosing, Staged Booster)

Day 2

The second day will be used to focus on problem solving and troubleshooting pumping equipment.(11-12:30 Nov. 19

- Calculating basic system curves (reading pressure gauges with pump curves)

- Troubleshooting/Commissioning pumps (cavitation, air entrainment, high amperage draw, etc)

- Start-up documentation

- Hydraulic analysis (basic transient behaviour)

- Dealing with “Flushable” wipes

Delivery Formats

Webinar Training


You must attend both days to earn the 0.3 CEU's