Successfully Operate & Maintain Your Membrane Facility: Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration - May 10


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Kelsie Hubick, Engineer-in-Training
Kelsie graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemical Engineering in 2020. Over the last three years, she has gained valuable experience in the water treatment industry as an Engineer in-Training. She began her career as a Field Service Representative in the chemical sales sector, gaining knowledge in water treatment chemistries and operations of industrial water systems, including cooling towers, boilers and wastewater plants. Since beginning at Delco Water, Kelsie is now focused on the municipal drinking water sector, completing project designs, and cost estimates for membrane and media filtration systems.

Canadian potable water source options are typically split in to two categories: surface water and groundwater. Both water sources present challenges and regulatory requirements when considering the treatment process. Particles and ions exist in both surface and ground water sources, and over a wide pore size or molecular weight range. There are several process or technology options available; however, the focus for this presentation will be reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane systems. Understanding the theory of spiral wound membranes is important to understand how the system operates, what the key performance indicators are and what typical maintenance procedures are necessary to operate a successful membrane plant. Delco has operated as a water treatment solution and equipment integrator since 1994, this presentation will pull from our experiences and references of our 200 Canadian plant installations across the country.

Presentation Agenda

1. Delco Water, a Division of Delco Automation
2. Source Water Background
3. Theory of Reverse Osmosis
4. Operational Modes of Reverse Osmosis
5. How to Measure Reverse Osmosis Performance - Key Performance Indicators
6. Typical Reverse Osmosis Maintenance

Location to be held: DelcoWater Saskatoon

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