Leak Detection 101 - Webinar


0.3 CEUs


Presenter - Andrew Bisso - Echologics

Leak Detection 101

 This course is designed to provide participants with knowledge in the purposes and best practices of water loss management & active leak detection of municipal water distribution systems.  The main focus is on the proper use of listening techniques for identifying and locating water leaks.  Basic correlation and other water loss management methods as well as the impact of leakage on the environment will also be presented.  Fundamentals of sound and watermain acoustic principles will be covered to help improve the participant’s listening techniques and understanding.  Various equipment and methods will be presented for pinpointing leaks in different pipes types, as well as on hydrants and valves.  Participants will also learn how to plan, conduct and analyze results of an acoustic water leak detection survey.

Course Length:  2 days 1.5 hours each day

Hours of contact time:  3 hours

Training method:  Webinar

Delivery Formats

Webinar Training


Training Course Learning objectives:  Students will gain knowledge in the best practices of determining and listening for leaks in a water distribution system.  The focus on listening skills will give the participant a better understanding of leak sounds and improve the success of finding actual leaks.  Students will learn to use a variety of equipment to aid them in pinpointing leaks.  Participants will also learn about other methods that are available to identify and find leaks as well as the impact of leakage on the environment.

Specific knowledge:

Fundamentals of water loss
Causes and impact of leaks
Types of water losses
Locating leaks & breaks
Types of listening equipment
Basics of sound waves as it relates to listening
Basics of Water Distribution System Leakage - 30 mins.
Leak Detection Methodologies - 45 mins.
Break # 1 - 15 mins.
The Science of Sound - 15 mins.
Acoustic Leak Detection Equipment - 25 mins.
Developing a Leak Detection Survey Program - 20 mins.
Break # 2 - 15 mins.
Fundamentals of Acoustic Correlation 45 mins.