Water & Wastewater Suppliers

SWWA Supplier Directory 2023

The SWWA Supplier directory is back - all those participating in the annual SWWA trade show are included with the booth fee.

For those without booths looking to have a business card ad or ad in the issue:
1. All business cards must be horizontal
2. All business cards must come in a high resolution format - photocopies and mailed in copies are not accepted
3. Cards will be fitted to the sizing available for the directory by the publisher

Deadline is: May 31 at noon - no exceptions - It is your responsibility to meet the deadline

Cost: $500.00 plus GST for those without a booth wishing to be in the directory

Full Page ad: $1000.00 (only 10 ads accepted)
Half Page Ad: $700.00 (only 20 ads accepted)