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The Operator Certification Board (OCB) is responsible for the certifying of water and wastewtaer operators in the province of Saskatchewan.

The SaskH20 website is dedicated to water information, water services, information on drinking water, landfills, links to other government resources and a section for operators to view listings of operators, renewal forms for certification and a listing of operators.

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Through the storm. Looking back at the past 18 months of the pandemic and how the water industry has changed, the impacts on the various jobs in the industry and what things look like for the future of the industry as a result of the changes. Special thanks to Keesha Rosario of KTL/Sensus for our feature article. We are also excited to see returning contributors like Dawn Dierker with ATAP and to welcome Teresa Walker and Shelly Howe to our magazine as contributors to each issue.

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